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Special Prayers

If you would like to receive Tokubetsu Kigan (Special Prayer) but cannot visit the shrine in person, the Shinto Priests of Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America can formally pray before the enshrined Kami on your behalf. Such things as Oharae (purification), Shingan Joju Kigan (realization of heartfelt wishes), Kanai Anzen Kigan (family safety), Shobai Hanjo Kigan (business success), Yakuyoke Kigan (dispell misfortune), Byouki Heyu Kigan (recovery of health), Anzan Kigan (safe birth), Budo/Aikido Jotatsu Kigan (sucessfull training) and other such requests can be arranged by contacting the shrine or by printing out the Kito Yoshi (prayer request form) and mailing it to the shrine. After the ceremony is performed the appropriate Omamori and/or Ofuda will be mailed to you as osagari. Also, used amulets/ofuda etc can be mailed to the shrine to be included in the Kosatsutakeageshiki (ceremony to purify and burn old amulets).

Goukitoh Ofuda

Given as Osagari (Juyohin given as symbols of special prayer ceremonies). Their use and type varies according the type of prayer and hatsuhoryo (tax deductable donation)


The ceremony of baby's first shrine visit, usually done for boys at 32 days after birth and girls 33 days after birth. If you would like to have the hatsumiyamamairi kigan and cannot come to the shrine in person, we can do the ceremony on your behalf. Please contact the shrine staff.