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February 7 - Setsubunnsai- Season division, astrological opening of new year

Registration at 10:30AM. Ceremony begins at 11:00 AM Setsubun-sai, commonly known as"O-mame-maki"( the bean throwing festival) is a very popular New Years ritual related to the old calendar. The literal meaning of Setsubun is "season division",coming at the end of "Kan"(coldest season)....Kan lasts 30 days and includes Daikan (major cold) and Shokan (minor cold) . With the season finale comes Setsubun and the feeling of the beginning of Spring and the agricultural year. The ceremony begins at Tsubaki America Shrine with a ritual purification,offerings and prayers of gratitude to OKami led by the Shinto Priest. Then participants move outside the shrine and the Tsubaki Kannagara Guuji shoots 3 hama-ya (misfortune dispelling arrows) to purify the past/present/future. Then adults and children attending throw the "Daizu" (soybeans) while shouting "Fuku wa uchi, Oni wa soto" (Good luck in...bad luck out).After the celebrants scatter the soybeans they follow an age-old tradition and eat toasted soybeans....each one eating as many beans as his or her own age plus one more....the extra bean stands for the new year beginning. Special note of this years ceremony is that we are anticipating the arrival of 3 Oni to Shrine Grounds....children and adults can chase away these Oni by Mamemaki...

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Located on a pristine 25 acre site near Seattle, WA (by car - by bus), Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America is the traditional Jinja Shinto Shrine and the direct North American branch of Tsubaki O Kami Yashiro in Mie Prefecture one of the oldest and most prestigious shrines in Japan with a history of over 2000 years.

Originating in Japan's prehistory, Shinto is the Natural Spirituality or the practice of the philosophy of proceeding in harmony with and gratitude to Divine Nature.

The Shinto Shrine is an enriched environment where we can feel deeply refreshed and renewed. Please feel welcome to make the Omairi (visit) to Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America for the Seishiki Sanpai (shrine visit). Also the staff can conduct the Oharae (purification ceremony) as well as many types of Shinto Ceremonies for individuals, families, groups or businesses. At Tsubaki America Shrine there is also the opportunity for Misogi ShuHo (purification in the Mountain Stream) and training in Aiki-do

On the left is Reverend Yukiyasu Yamamoto, the 97th Generation Guji (high priest) of Tsubaki-O-Kami-Yashiro. On the right is Rev. Lawrence Koichi Barrish who built Kannagara Jinja and is now Senior Shinto Priest of Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America.