Omairi/Shrine Visit


How to Visit the Shinto Shrine

Usually the Jinja (Shrine) is open each day from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM please visit any time you wish. Please remember the Shrine Grounds are the Sacred Purified Place where Okamisama (Sacred Deities) are enshrined.

No Food and Drink (except for babies).
No pets (your pet can stay in your car).
Please enjoy sacred shrine grounds quietly.
Please make the Sanpai and personal prayer to enshrined Deities anytime.

If you would like to receive the individual Shinto Ceremony, it is best to make the appointment by phone or e-mail. If the Shinto Priest is there he can conduct the ceremony without appointment, but sometimes the staff is away from the Shrine.

For receiving the Shinto Ceremony it is best to not to be barefoot or wearing shorts or camisole When visiting the Shinto Shrine.

First please visit the Temizuya (hand water place) and rinse your hands and mouth to purify yourself inside and out. The clean water is to remove impurity and is a simplified version of the Misogi ShuHo (ritual purification in moving water).


Temizu Instruction

How to purify oneself before visiting the Shinto Shrine

1) Use the Hishaku (wooden dipper) to pour water on your left hand (please step slightly back from basin so water does not go back inside).
2) Then pour water on your right hand.
3) Pour water into your left palm and rinse your mouth (please do not spit back in to basin).
4) Pour water one more time onto your left hand.
5) Please allow water to run back down the handle and place Hishaku back on the basin.

Temizu Instructions

How to approach the Shrine Building:

Please bow slightly at the inner Torii (Shrine Gate) then proceed. The center line is reserved for Kami so please slightly avoid center line.

How to Sanpai (pray to Kami):
Ni Rei Ni Hakushu Ippai (2 bows, 2 claps, 1 bow)


Seishiki Sampai Instruction

How to visit the Shinto Shrine:

1) Move to Saisen Bako (offeratory box) and the Suzu (bell) rope. Straighten your mind/body/spirit and stand on center line. You may drop Saisen (monetary offering) into box.
2) Hold Suzu rope in both hands and swing the rope to ring the bell (please do not pull on the rope).
3) Look towards the Kagami (mirror) in front of the inner Shrine doors and then bow twice deeply.
4) Clap twice and pray while keeping your hands together in front of your heart.
5) Bow once again.

If you have the appointment please enter the Shrine building. If not please enjoy the Juyosho (amulet window) to your right. If you have a question for Shrine staff please ring the buzzer at Juyosho window.

You can also see the Ema and Omikuji on Shrine Grounds.


This is the place to hang the Ema (plaque) to communicate your wish to Okami or make the promise or expression of gratitude. Please write your wish words on Ema and hang them here so Kami can read them. If you would like to place an Ema please see the Shrine staff.


Omikuji are fortune telling paper slips found at Shinto Shrines. Randomly drawn, they contain predictions ranging from 大吉 (Daikichi/great good luck) to 大凶 (Daikyo/great bad luck). By tying the piece of paper around a tree's branch, good fortune will come true or bad fortune can be averted. If you would like the Omikuji please see the Shrine staff.