Wedding Ceremony

Shinzen Kekkon Shiki

The ceremony is conducted by the Shinto Priest (or priests) and the Miko (female shrine assistant). The Groom and Bride may wear either Western-style clothes or traditional Hakama/Haori and Kimono.

The ceremony is brief, dignified and very impressive. The couple sits before the enshrined Kami in the presence of family and close friends. After ritual purification (Shyubatsu) prayers are offered by the priest that the couple will be blessed with good fortune, happiness and OKamisama's protection and guidance. Then 3x3 sips of purified Sake are served by the Miko-san to the wedding couple. Then brief words are spoken before Kamisama (Chikai-no-Kotoba)...rings are exchanged followed by the offering of the "sacred evergreen branch" (Tamagushi). Those in attendance share a sip of Sake (Naorae) and the ritual is complete.

Wedding Service

  • Shinto wedding ceremony
  • Gift from shrine- Family safety Special Amulet for your home, for bride & Groom
  • Sign and return wedding certificate
  • introduce a photographer ( payment to photographer is not included)

Regarding Kimono rental and dressing service please contact shrine.

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