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Omamori Request Form

In this season, volume of request is so high, please allow us to contact you within a few days.

Meaning, history and instructions of Kamidana

Ofuda stand

Ofuda stand can be used to hold the Ofuda (not included) if you do not have the Kamidana. If you have the Kamidana you can use Ofuda stand to hold Gokitou shinpu or Housaiyoke Ofuda next to your Kamidana.


Kayabuki Oyashiro (thatched roof style Kamidana)

Kayabuki Chu
Height: 21 1/2 ", Width: 22 1/2 ", Depth: 14 1/2"
please ask shrine staff

Kayabuki Sho
Height: 17 1/2 ", Width: 19 1/2", Depth: 12 "
please ask shrine staff


Ita Dai
Height: 20", Width: 22 1/4", Depth: 10"
please ask shrine staff

Ita Chu
Height: 17", Width: 18", Depth: 8"
$ 250
please ask shrine staff

Ita Sho
Height: 13 3/4", Width: 11 1/2", Depth: 4 1/2"
please ask shrine staff

Kabekake and Shinki

Kabekake Kamidana
Height: 12", Width: 7" Depth: 3 1/2"
please ask shrine staff

Shinki set (food offering vessels with sakaki tate/small vases)
please ask shrine staff

Ozen (tray for shinki set)
please ask shrine staff


Shinkyo (kagami/sacred mirror with stand)
Large out of stock

Small out of stock

To return old ofuda/omamori
We will have ceremony to purify and burn old amulets in January 2024…
Shin Mei Spiritual Centre, PO Box 2621, Sidney, BC V8L 4C1 CANADA